Replacement Sensor for wet stop 3

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The wet stop 3 replacement sensor ,single person use ,can be used on all wet stop3 one colour white .

Free postage  £14 per item .


Product Description

Replacement sensor for wet stop 3 fits all wet stops one colour white .free postage , price £14 per item .


1 review for Replacement Sensor for wet stop 3

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    Everything mentioned here is true. There is no need to add to the chdils woes as they feel bad enough about being a bedwetter anyways. No matter whether us use an alarm or protection at night, it’s important to keep it out of sight. Things can be out perhaps in a hall closet so that when the chdils friends are visiting there is no evidence of a bedwetter. The importance of keeping things under the radar or low key cannot be stressed enough.Realzing that you are not the only arent in the whole world whose child is wetting the bed is important to the way that you feel about the issue, remember that this too shall pass.It’s also important that the child have good quality time with their parents as it makes them feel better about everything.One thing we have found is that when everybody in the house gets an uninterrupted nights sleep it makes everyone’s day just that much better and so we’re not afraid to suggest the bedwetting diaper.

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